Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Funniest Book I Have Ever Read

I've read a lot of books. Some people have even kept track of every book they've ever read, but I'm not that methodical, so sadly I don't have an exact figure.

Know, however, that it is an obscene amount for my age. Within the course of my reading lifetime, I have never EVER ran across a book as funny as the one I am about to tell you about.

WARNING: If you are underage, do not read this book. It's definitely for mature audiences only, but, oh man, if you're 'mature' in the legal sense of the word, stop what you're doing and SPRINT to the nearest bookstore and purchase it.

What book is it, this miracle of comedy, you ask? Why, it's this one:

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

Well, the author, Tucker Max better hope they serve beer in Hell, because that is where he is destined to end up after this life.

His stories are so gross and abominable that were they not wet-your-pants hilarious I would instantly condemn him as The Greatest Jerk of all time.

I mean, he's still probably the jerkiest guy in the world, but his absolute audacity makes this okay. I wish I could relay some of his priceless stories, but I want this to remain mostly kid-friendly, so all I can say is:

For samples, visit the web site. Again, if you are underage, or don't wish to expose yourself to gross, sexual, female-degrading stories, FOR THE LOVE OF FICTION, DON'T CLICK!

If, however... you can take it, and need a really good laugh, hold your belly and click away, my friends, click! Away!

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Wigg said...

I'm off to buy that book so fast that my shoes (and/or fingers if I use the net) are burnt.

You know another funny book... "I Am America (and so can you!)" by Stephen Colbert. Pretty good stuff.

- Jaden