Saturday, August 30, 2008

Word Clock

To all who were concerned: Not to worry; I'm not gone, just was on vacation, and then didn't come across anything I thought you would enjoy... until this:

Word Clock

Basically what it is, is... is, umm... a clock... of words? It's kind of complicated, so just check it out.

Also, BOOK MOOCH. A cool site where you can trade books with people all across the country, for the small fee of paying your own shipping.


No news is, in this case, bad news. On the other hand, I haven't received nearly as many rejects as requests that I sent out, so there's hope yet. So far all but two agents have rejected the manuscript they rejected.

And so, I am facing the fact that I may have to do a complete novel rehaul, at least on the romance fantasy revolution novel. Which, no matter how many things I find wrong with it, is still first in my heart. Damn.