Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life Changes

I am not going to college at Columbia. I am not staying in Illinois.

My family is moving again, and I have to admit I am very excited about it. We are traveling to Alabama, with the move expected to be completed sometime in July.

I will work for the first semester, and attend college the second. Which one? I have no idea. :)

In related news.... Friday, May 25th was my 18th birthday.

Imagine this... I began writing my first eventually-would-be-completed novel when I was fourteen, in ninth grade. I finished the last one as a 17-year-old senior in high school.

My contact at CBS says he has scheduled a June meeting with his agent to discuss that first novel. If you haven't read it already, you can do so by clicking here.

Today, I also graduate from high school. At 3:30 PM on May 27th I will no longer associate myself with the high school age group.

The way I have described it earlier is that I and my fellow graduates have, our whole lives, been climbing on boxes to get to a hole in the ceiling. Now we're teetering at the top, about to pull ourselves all the way up and out, and it's a time for nostalgia and excitement.

We will never be in that room again. It's time for a new one.

In any case, I plan to post the remaining chapters of Insurrection soon; it's just that I haven't been writing much lately and so haven't had on my upstairs computer so I haven't transferred those last chapters to the downstairs computer, this one.

Wish me luck in life, and congrats to all you graduating seniors out there!