Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Cost of Shipping

Yesterday I finished printing off my manuscript (as I ran out of ink SEVEN PAGES before being done), and ran it down to the local post office.

I took $40 dollars with me, but it turns out that shipping for 2-3 days with special handling was only $7.50, and only an extra 50 cents to get one of those scanner sticker things that will then alert you to the fact that your package has arrived.

Just a little detail, in case you were wondering.

Also, for all you young and inexperienced writers out there, here real quickly is how to properly address a manila envelope, because -confession- I still forget sometimes.

Taken from Nursing Advocacy

The above picture demonstrates how to properly address the manila envelope. Your name and address goes in the upper left hand corner, and the sendee's address goes in the center. Do not put stamps or anything else on it, as they will do this at the post office.

Now, there's one more important detail (this is the one I'm always forgetting): The main opening (you know, the one with the lickable sealers and that strange metal contraption) MUST BE on your right hand side and facing the table as you address the envelope. like this:

Hope that was helpful!


Anonymous said...

so.. i was trying to look up how to address an envelope for a college application actually, and your blog came up in the search. I am confused- you say that the open end must be on your left while facing the table... But it looks like the picture you provided is the opposite? To me the open side looks like it's on the right. Which is correct? :)

Savannah said...

You're right. I'm a spazz. The envelope is supposed to be on the right. I must have typed 'left' by accident. I'm going back in now to fix it. Thanks! =)