Monday, April 23, 2007

Confessions - 4

The most harrowing thing about being a writer in your teenage years is The College Question. Do you settle for something 'practical' (i.e. cheap, in-state, close to home) with a practical major (read: business), or do you study what you /really/ want to... English, English Lit, or Creative Writing.

Well folks, this is my confession:

I have been accepted to college. I will study Creative Writing at the largest private liberal arts school in the country, Columbia College Chicago of Chicago, Illinois.

That's my personal college triumph. What's yours?


Lez said...

I got into the University of Chicago (my top choice), NYU, and Colgate last year. I passed them all up for a huge scholarship.

Biggest mistake of my life. It's good to hear someone will be living her college dream.


Anonymous said...

You're studying at Columbia?
If this is any determination of what your literary skill measures up to, then get your head out of your ass.
I just read your previous post on Christopher Paolini. You need to change your attitude. Although I must trace your self-righteousness to the qualities that blogging develops in people (self-worship being the most prominent, in your case) this is no excuse for flinging random insults at a perfectly decent human being who has found a method for extracting success in a world that has almost been bled dry of it. Yes, his writing is rotten, get over it. You should instead be observing his every technique, emulating the best trials, and ignoring the failures, but don't sit in a chair and fill our Internet space with your arrogant garbage.

As a working actress, I realize that I am the *product*, or in our words, the bottom of the industry food chain. I can't change the world, and the standard of beauty for girls that I must obey to in order to make it... And I can't change what will sell to the superficial public, but I can change my attitude to maneuver around these seemingly concrete boundaries that have prevented so many others from rising up the industry ladder. My responsibility as someone who has talent is merely to be good at what I do. But in these businesses that is all we can do. Marketing yourself, in the way Christopher Paolini has, is a true art and work of skill as well, so don't hate on him for making success when he lacks an aspect of writing you treasure so dearly.

Here's the solution: humble yourself, and learn how to work with the world as it is. Change will come when you're at the top controlling how your art will be presented.