Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Everything Wrong with Eragon

It's no secret that I don't like Christopher Paolini.

Therefore, I was thrilled when I came across this list: Everything Wrong With Eragon

This is the list I've been wanting to make for years. Utter love to its maker LordSnow. ThingInTheCoat, you and I may just have to have a polyamorous relationship. ;-)


Also in cool news, this keyboard is a modern writer's new best friend.

I know there's this stereotype that writers have cats (and why wouldn't you want to?), but really, isn't the keyboard your most faithful companion?


Opalyn said...

Hey! Now (while watching the troll)I remember what I've wanted to ask you for a while:
Once you mentioned that Sweden have "some awesome gnome and troll legends". Which ones?

Mark said...

Lol. I've been browsing this blog for a while (my current favourite blog) and share a common hate for Paolini. Ignore these trolls; if it's the best they can do, mewants!

Feliza said...

And I quote:

"I can't imagine anyone else would use the word "drivel"."

Why not? Hmm. Perhaps just because the Almighty Paolini doesn't. Huh. That's funny. Drivel is indeed an English word. I use it too.

...holy crap, they can't even decide if you're male or female. Or if THEY are male or female.

You know, I am seriously beginning to doubt the intelligence of American teenagers.


Anyways: I just wanted to say that my favorite posts on your blog are the ones on writing. They're great. I've linked to them a couple of times, actually. =] So when you move away from Paolini-bashing, do go into articles about writing or writing theory. Something interesting like that.

Definitely worth thinking about!

Jaden said...

Savannah, you are awesome

Don't let the trolls get you down.

Here... http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b161/P3Shinobi/1192392913251.jpg

Don't let that happen! Don't ever let that horrible day arrive.

- Jaden

Felix Fabula said...

this is the greatest site in the history of the known universe.'nyways- i'm surprised that you havent said anything about the paolini interview where he used the phrase "it felt like red hot splinters of bamboo shooting into my tender eyeballs" you see, i've done a little bit of paolini hating on my blog, but i'm just an amateur.
may paolini someday be publicly egged... and may there be a video camera in the vacinity.

Nemo said...

Oi! Overinflated retard! We like Eragon even less then you, you dumb bitch. We hate you because you are an epic fail of a writer. Same with Paolini, Goodkind, and Rand.

Will said...

What convincing rhetoric from Mr. Nemo. Hooray!

DrAlligator said...

'The only thing that annoys me about trolls is that they don't analyze the content of the rest of the site.'

Oh how ironic. We weren't attacking you. Well, hm, not after the first couple of posts, I suppose. We were just having fun is all.

Three things to clear up-


You came to this conclusion after browsing DEM? We're all young writers, we all hate Paolini's writing. We do not have sections for Inheritance and Twilight to praise them - we're ripping them apart! In no way are we fans, except for the faint hope that Paolini will wise up and write proper literature one day.

2) We are all quite aware of our genders, thank-you-very-much. If you read the thread, you'll also see that we barely stay on the topic of you for even a page.

3) That keyboard is any computer age person's new best friend. We aren't the only people who use MS Word, you know. :P

Ah, and I apologise for the failure that is Nemo. He's our black sheep. We try to ignore him, you should too.

Finally, because I'm a whore and can't resist a bit of advertisement, you should try visiting our new mother-site: http://impishidea.com/

Matthew Bunday said...

Hey there, Savannah,

As the originator of the thread, I feel like I have an apology to make. It was uncalled for, for me to criticize you or your site, and I feel bad for doing so. We are all fellow Paolini haters here, but I think you might be taken more seriously if you address Paolini's writing more than Paolini himself. I realize you were just kidding around about him having Short Man's Complex, but it still comes off as immature. That said, my forum posting was equally immature, and again, I apologize. The site you mentioned is an attempt to bring greater awareness of the anti-community, but also an attempt to elevate the level of discussion. If you would like, I would welcome your contributions to the site. It's a standing invitation to everyone, really. Anyways, stay cool.

Matthew Bunday said...

Oh, also, you might be confused by my reference to the site. I saw your like to the Everything Wrong With Eragon thing, and thought you were linking to the site's version of the article, and not the forum thread. That list has since been cleaned up and posted here: http://impishidea.com/criticism/8/everything-wrong-with-eragon

Marie said...

I'd just like to comment that the name of our forum is Deus ex Machina. I'm not even sure if Deux is a word.

And, dear god, we are definitely not a site of Paolini fans. I'm quite confused as to where you got that idea!

Zeamer said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where on earth did you get the idea that we were fans? Honestly, after the slightest bit of browsing, how is it not painfully obvious that we hate Chrispy as much as the next good writer? You saw Snow's Everything Wrong With Eragon thread and yet STILL didn't make the connection...? Holy crap.

In fact, DEM is actually a fork of the original Eragon hatesite message board, Uru'Baen Forums. DEM's sister site is ImpishIdea, a showcase of literary criticism, writing advice and peer critique.

I don't mind you getting your panties in a bunch over us creating a flamethread of you, but please get your info right. We are NOT a fansite.

Emu2 said...

That's not a troll. That's a Snotgurgle, from the book GNOMES by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet.

Anonymous said...

Trolls are entertaining unlike this site. The only thing that keeps me lurking here is the constant amount of fail. It's like watching a train crash: you just can't keep your eyes off even though you don't want to see it happen. (But who the hell am I kidding? I want to see it happen!)