Sunday, August 20, 2006

Assignment #2: 11 Moments In...

In David Sedaris' book, Me Talk Pretty One Day, there is a chapter entitled "Eleven Moments in the Life of A Young Artist". The chapter details eleven very short stories about different moments in time during Sedaris' drug-filled stay at art school.

Stealing from this idea, I created, firstly, "Thirteen Moments in the Life of a 'Beautiful' Girl", followed by "Eleven Moments in the Life of a Young Writer" (Both of which I'm considering adding to the personal narrative series of life in Illionis).

If I can take a moment and be misty and hyper-sensitive, in a very Oprah-like fashion... examining my past and my origins as a 'beautiful' person and as a 'writer' was a very personal and revealing experience. I realized my struggles and became more secure in my destiny to write.

I would advise everyone to create their own 'Eleven Moments in the Life of a...' That is this week's assignment. ^^

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