Friday, September 19, 2008

Stuff From Everywhere

Below is a list of things to inspire/entertain you:

1) Check out this video of how to print a book... in 1947.

Mercilessly borrowed from

2) Have I told you how in love with Strange Horizons I am?

Read their Fiction archives here.

It's all so dreadfully good I've ignored the rest of the site.

3) A Softer World co-creator Joey has just made his book 'Lockpick Pornography' available for free online.

WARNING: It's got a LOT of homosexual relationships, transsexuality, illegal activities including robbery and guerrilla political tactics, but this either a) doesn't bother you or b) you can get past it, this is a very creative, fun, hilarious read.

4) A list of the best opening sentences from Science Fiction books

5) Tress can communicate with each other! As a writer, you should be thrilled.

6) Cats have wings

7) Dictionary of Etymology

8) Lingual oddities: A map of the United States showing who says 'pop' and who says 'soda'


Emu2 said...


Pic hotlinking fail.

Nikki said...

Tress communicate? NO WAY

What's a tress?


<3 L'Aimbre

Anonymous said...

I once had an English teacher who shared his theory that trees were actually an advanced but very slow-moving alien race, bent on taking over the planet and wiping out the human race despite their handicaps. (We spent the rest of the class staring out the windows suspiciously.)