Monday, July 21, 2008


Today I received a request for a partial. He asked for the first two chapters, which isn't much, but hey, it means I'm on the right track.

And, just so this doesn't turn into my boring personal updates, here's something I've been working on. Kind of in the style of, these are the [mostly] true adventures of my life. They're all made from pictures I took, anyway:*

Pictures taken at the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, Alabama during their dinosaur display.

*Right click on the image and then click on 'view image'; or if you're using a Mac or laptop press ctrl+click and then click on 'view image' to see the image full size until I post again and it moves down past the side menu.

1 comment:

Jaden said...

Dinosaurs are nice.

Except when they bites things. Then I hates them, I does. Stupid, fat dinos! My preciousss...

- Jaden