Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes a Comic...

***Firstly, I've updated my links (to your right). The ones that are starred are the ones I highly recommend and which I read on a regular basis. The other ones are just pretty cool to look at sometimes.

I've discovered what may be the best comic in the world, only I'm not sure it's technically a comic. There's no plot. Each strip is independent of the one before and probably the one after. Nevertheless, this comic is incredibly inspiring, sometimes beautiful, romantic, hilarious, ironic, or just plain incomprehensible.

What is this comic I speak of? A Softer World

My favorite examples of their work:


Too Much Today


Candy Store

Beach Day



Get it?


1 comment:

Jaden said...

Wha- my BlogLines hasn't been notifying me that you posted.

Those are actually pretty interesting, as an art form.

Maybe sometime I'll do something like that.