Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tea Sparrows

Occasionally some rare and small blog comes along that can completely change your outlook on what writing is supposed to be.

Teasparrows on livejournal does just that. Check them out!

Example of their work:

Untitled by shipsvsplanes

Mathematics has stolen my bones and has left me having heart-to-hearts with bedroom walls. You see, we're discussing the future of humankind and taking bets on who could care less. We're tracing our memoirs on the necks of our lovers and then casting them off to sea, never to be heard from again. And we can't even make them out anymore, but we can still hear them screaming 'Breathe in, breathe out, baby' and that is all I hear but I, myself, am a stubborn one who just doesn't play fair. And, these bedroom wall friends of mine, they just don't care.

Untitled by paintonthewall

I thought that if I threw my phone into the television,
it would make a nice sound. A satisfying crack,
glass raining onto the carpet. I really just want to wake you
up. Shake your bones and kiss your ears. Someone says,
"Words are a dangerous currency," and baby,
I'm flat broke, these are dust pockets, bad checks,
overdrawn thoracic cavities. Oh, how you hate it
when I use unfamiliar words, how small you say you become!
You get small and I get to sit around and feel my organs
disintegrate. Boo hoo, how sad we both are! How typical!
That's right, I'm hiding behind emphatic punctuation.
The next steps are: invitations to strangers, tasting
new bodies, leaving traces of rum on the doorknobs,
burning the furniture. This is, this is, this is.
We never had the definitions right.

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