Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP, Steve

Steve Irwin is dead. If you haven't heard the news, google the story, because I'm not going to reiterate for you. Suffice to say it was tragic and horrible and writers everywhere should be saddened.

You know... in the words of David Sedaris... I always hoped the world would be united by an armed struggle against the undead or something... but it's beginning to look like a step was made in the direction of world peace through Steve's death.

You may ask... why should writers care?

Well, I'm here to tell you that writers /should/ care. A /lot/. Steve Irwin was an important celebrity icon. He was infamous for several quirks, and we all have made fun of him for being an insane adrenaline-addict. He was also a family man living an impressive love story (which should send your writer senses perking) and an environmentalist/conservationalist, and his death has impacted millions of people all around the world. In case you didn't know, the global impactation of millions of people = writerly caring.

You may now reference Steve in your writing. You may compose a personal narration. You may write a story meant to take place in the past and reference Steve's passing as an impactful event in your character's life. This is ripe with opportunity.

But beyond the capitalism, let us take a moment and mourn for Steve, beloved Crocodile Hunter of Australia.

Rest in Peace, Steve. Rest in Peace.

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