Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Your Internet Education

If you're going to be on the Internet, and if you appreciate humor, and if you watch Internet videos, then you need to be properly educated on them. As an expert, I will now give you the links to the most popular (or funniest) Internet videos:

(Please note that some -many in fact- of these will contain swearing, though very /few/ contain adult situations and sexual comedy)

The Numa Numa Dance
This Land is Your Land
The Terrible Secret of Space
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
End of Ze World
Funny Cat Video
Harry Potter Puppet Pals
Bitey of Brackenwood + Other Videos
Teen Girl Squad
Poking the Really Cute Penguin
Cows with Guns
Madness Interactive
Infamous Cat Jump
Cat Fan
Insanity Test
The Most Annoying Thing
Most Annoying Thing Pursuit Remix
Whose Line Is It Anyway - Richard Simmons
Backstreet Boys Are Gay
Ahnold's Pizza Shop
Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition
Farm Wars
The Bunny Movies
Captain of the Farm

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